Decisions, Decisions, Decisions?


The year isn’t even through and, like many, I’m reflecting. So many achievements and memories. But so much more to come. So much more planning to do. And I’m stuck. I’m confused. I’m stressing. I shouldn’t be. But I am…

Without wanting to sound ungrateful for the opportunities and adventures. The achievements have led to a sense of being unfulfilled. I want more. Is that normal? Am I alone?

The question I keep asking myself in relation to my running is “where do I go from here?”.  Do I run further? Do I run higher? Should I try to run faster? What do I really want? Where does one look for and find the next challenge? Is it in the races and events or through my own personal aspirations and ideas? What are the other challenges that I seek? I simply do not know!

I need help. I need your views. I’d love to hear from you… Does anyone have the same questions and a method for answering them? What do you do, how do you decide?

  • How do you choose one event/race over another?
  • How do you balance the applications and ballots (which provide no guarantee of a place) with those events readily accessible? How do you weigh up the flexibility vs the certainty?
  • If you are looking at ballots, how far ahead do you plan to maximise the coefficient and lottery bonuses? Do I apply this year knowing I don’t want to/can’t run the event next year and hope I’m unsuccessful?
  • How do you balance the races/events you want to do now vs the events and races you need to use to qualify for other ones?
  • How do you blend in the desire to see new countries and visit new places. Mixing the glamour of the “big” races but avoiding the tedium of visiting the same places and the repetition of the same areas?
  • Can you be bothered with all the travel and logistics of different events? The stresses and costs involved need considering too right.
  • What about who you do the events and challenges with? I’ve certainly found more enjoyment sharing them with others, but not everyone will have the same aspirations or freedom?
  • What about the risk of over doing it? This year I’ve challenged myself each month. I feel good. But does my body need a rest? but If I rest, will I be as perpetually trained and ready for the challenges ahead?
  • What about going back? There’s been some great events I’ve done. Do I attempt to recreate them, do I have unfinished business there?
  • What about those ideas I have that are non-running related or don’t involve running. Where do they fit in?

How? What? Why? Where? When? Who? Decisions. I fucking hate decisions…



I’ve been nominated for the personal blog category with the Running Awards. I’d love your support and votes. If you like what you read and you’d like to vote for me you can click this link and find “RunWithDai” in the nominees. Thanks!

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