Run With Laura

So this one came about by connections and associations. Last year I ran with George. George worked with Laura. Laura went and got a place in the London Marathon. George did the rest of the magic and introduced us. This feels like it was months ago. Certainly a lot of time has passed since. But with the New Year, new goals and training well and truly underway for us both we managed to meet…

We opted for the convenience of a run centrally after work. Whilst I’m sure we’d both have loved an escape from the hustle of the city, sadly a lot of the best places to run (I.e. the parks) close as soon as it gets dark. That said, it’s hard to beat a little loop along embankment and the South Bank. Each turn presents an incredible view of the Capital that, lit up at night is even more spectacular.

As we ran around chatting we got to know one another all that more. Chatting in person is so much more in depth as conversation bounces back and forth. Understanding Laura’s motivations and desires for her first marathon and me throwing back my experience from 5 years ago (5 already!!).

I’m looking forward to seeing Laura smash this event.