Run With Ale and Paul

Whilst we’ve run together on many group runs (Mostly through Wild TR), this was a run of just the three of us. Ale reached out and organised for us to meet one Saturday towards the end of the lockdown in England. We met local to myself and Paul in Sydenham Hill (Ale cycled here) and planned to run 10-15km around the Sydenham and Dulwich woodlands.

We went a bit off route and took several diversions besides looping through the woods. We ended up in Camberwell cemetery and doing several steep hill climbs including the delightful One Tree Hill which has a phenomenal view of London. This was one of the many different incredible views of London we saw this day and we pushed ourselves up some of South London’s finest hills as we caught up after 10 weeks of restricted running.

It was fascinating to spend time together after so long and find out how we’d each coped and managed with the restrictions and the different impacts it made on our individual lives.