Run With Zankhana

One of the first runs I got to do with other people, ‘Z’ was so willing and sought me out pretty soon after I made my initial post. It had been a few years since we’d worked with each other and we’d not spoken since.

We met up in St James Park and headed off. There was no intention, no plan and no route. Let’s just run and talk and catch up on the old days and everything that has happened since.

The run felt good (for me) and we trotted along and into Green Park. A few little hills and a place I’d not run for a long time. We laughed and joked and enjoyed the animals (this park is great for the swans and squirrels alone!).

I can’t say for certain how far we ran or how long it took as, in the excitement to catch up and get running I never started the watch! Lesson 1 for all the runs to come….start the watch!

run with zhankana