Run With Tommy

Running has brought me many things. Some new, some challenging and some unexpected. Reconnecting with people from my past is one example of those unexpected things. As is Tommy. Years back we worked together briefly in the Civil Service. Back when we both had a passion for capoeira. 4-5 Years later we are running in the rain and dark, sharing our new passion for running.

We ran into a locked gate.

A few weeks back I woke up early one Saturday morning. Not early enough though and I was already late for a ‘rise and run’ with the wild trail runners. I was suppose to be watching the sun rising from Richmond Park. Instead I was wondering why my bedroom was already lit up by the sun. I would have met Tommy that morning!

A few days earlier he’d messaged me on Facebook to say he’d signed up to this run and saw my name in the list. Fast forward a few more weeks and I was running in Brecon when he was again running with WTR. Finally, we worked a date and got to re-connect.

A lot has happened in that time. New jobs. New homes. New hobbies. New lives!! As we ran through Hyde park though it was as if all that time hadn’t happened and we were back in the Civil Service reminiscing about those good times and bad!

Tommy has signed up to a fair few challenges and 2019 is looking quite and adventure for him. First up, the Brighton marathon. His first at this distance. He’s set up for it already with a clear mind of his capabilities and expectations. Unlike many (myself included) he’s not approaching his first with a time in mind. Simply to go out and enjoy it. To find his peace and make the most out of the experience.

He’s going to have a great time and I’ve a feeling we’ll be running a heap loads more together very soon!!