Run With James

run with james s

Someone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through work, and one of the most welcoming people I’ve met, James and I soon discovered a shared interest in running. James is an experienced runner and we’d already run together (sort of) at the Paris marathon a few months earlier.

We hadn’t seen each other for a while and agreed to meet up for a run rather than a few beers. Such an adult decision! As it turns out, James would be the first of many ‘Run with Dai’ runs to come. I didn’t know it at the time just how many more would follow. It was so good to catch up in a different environment and be able to talk more freely about life and the things we were each going through. It put a completely different spin on our friendship!

It was also a great opportunity to explore somewhere new – Burgess Park! It’s one of those parts of London that I pass by on almost a daily basis, but have never been into. Yet again, after all these years in London I’m amazed at the wealth of green space we are fortunate to have.

I’d decided to go home after work before meeting James, running to the park and then running home afterwards, as I reached home I fell into the trap of rounding up the run to a fine 20 miles. Not bad for an evening run!