Run with Bobby

Oh Bobby. Bobby. That silly phrase “brother from another mother”. That’s us. As friends we probably couldn’t be more intimate, we know each other so well. It’s been well over a decade now since our lives first crossed paths. And there’s been many adventures in that time. Many challenges. As such close friends we offer each other brutal honesty, support and challenge. We are so different, but so similar.

Bobby and Dai

This run was a long time coming. The motivation of Berlin perhaps pushed us to get on with getting organised! Whilst I’m now very accustomed to running such distances, this will be only Bobby’s second marathon. So that means starting the training all over again. So here we go…We meet in the park. He’s watering the field. Of course. We come up with a plan. We set off. 8 miles the target. A comfortable pace. Distance and time to catch up the only real aims.

It’s been a while since we last saw each other and a lot has happened in that time. We run and talk all things work, love, running and mental health. We solve nothing, as is often the case with anyone, but for us both a release. A chance to let out. That’s the beauty of talking. The escape you need but perhaps don’t realise you need. Talking makes it happen. And running facilitates that. It removes the distractions, the boundaries. It gives you freedom and time to talk.

We continue on for over and hour putting those weeks into their place. Filling the gaps. Making amends and making promises to each other. Aims and goals. Promises to talk more. Promises to run. Now we have to keep those promises and to make them happen. Berlin, we are coming for you.

Dai and Bobby