Run With Nathan

So this is Nathan. An old School friend, we grew up together in Swansea and met in Comprehensive school. It was one of those typical, small town “My mum knows your mum” scenarios that we all seemed to have. I later moved house and ended up living near Nathan, so as the years went by we got to know each other pretty well.
run with nathan

Fast forward a decade (?!) and, after stints travelling the world and living in far away places he was back in Swansea, and looking to move back to London. By chance timing I was also looking for a new flatmate and here we are, living together.

Nathan is a runner, a bloody good one at that. He prefers the shorter distances because he is weak   and normally runs  800m, 1500m and 5kms. He’s dedicated and focused on his training and, as much as I mock him, I admire his dedication and focus.

After a while living together we finally found the chance to lace up together and hit the local roads. I took him down through Anerley towards the Norwood Country Park, one of my go to routes for a run – a long hill down and back to the park, and a loop that is just over a mile of tranquility, one of those places where you forget you live in such a major city!

Thankfully the head torch came in handy as the route was pitch black!