Product Reviews

If you’ve clicked this far through my site you’ve probably gathered by now that I like to run. If you hadn’t yet figured it out, I’ll let you in on the secret – I really like to run!

Naturally, with everything you do, the more you do it the more prepared you are. The more experienced you are. The more you know your shit (not to be mistaken with “you’re”). With running, part of this means kit. Clothes, trainers, tech, gear, nutrition, the lot. I’m not sure about you but I’ve become a bit of a hoarder and also struggle to say no to a good deal. I now own more trainers than is probably necessary!

Just a sample of the kit I regularly use!

I thought I’d share my insights on some of the products I’ve tried and give you my opinion on the stuff I like most. Yes, the stuff I like. This will never be an exhaustive list of all the products I’ve owned or used, none of us has time for that and I don’t have the words. But if I like something, why shouldn’t I share it? So yes, that means all these reviews are going to be in the main, positive and happy. I’ll be as honest as I can but there is no space for negativity here. I don’t want the bad stuff coming near my thoughts. Comments for improvements and and conscious thoughts/tips yes, gripes and moans, no. Of course if there is something I feel is that bad I have to warn people away from then sure, I’ll write about it. But I won’t write about all the stuff in between. So here we go then…

Disclaimer: I’ve not been commissioned nor paid for any of these reviews. They are mine, whether you agree or not is up to you! We’ll all have different experiences and ultimately its about finding what works for you.

I should also add, I’m not a photographer (as my camera review will prove!). Taking pictures of objects is surprisingly hard. I’m not investing too much of my time in posing for these or trying to make them out to be something they are not. So bog standard pictures, mostly in my bedroom. Get used to that!