Run with Angela and Nick

Reunited again

We’ve been here before. Rewind. Myanmar 2016. Marathon number 3. These two were 2/3 of the inspiration I hung around with for the week. Their stories and passion for running made me think more about what running meant to me. Fast forward a year and we regrouped for dinner in London. Skip on a few months more to January 2018 and Angela and Stephane joined me in Oman for marathon number 8.

It’s been a year, longer even since I last saw Nick. We were badgering each other for a meet up. So we made it happen. Strap in the seat belt, Run with Dai was hitting the road again. Destination, Peterborough. Home of Nick.

Angela and I rocked up around 10am and after meeting the dogs (literally, his pets) we hit the road. Angela hadn’t run to much in recent months and Nick not at all. He has a 20 Mile obstacle course coming up in May so this was partly a kick start for him. Me? Yeah ok I’m still a little tender from TGC.

The impressive Burghley House

Nick’s Route was mostly road but a delight. The short version is that we ran a 12 mile loop from Stamford which would see us cross four separate counties (Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Rutland and Northamptonshire). We ran through many local villages, past many churches, limestone walled roads and also via the impressive Burghley House.

Throughout the catch up Nick pleasured our ears with a narrative of the towns and their history – this guy knows his stuff. Inside Burghley House we saw Colin Furze’s TIE Silencer star wars fighter model and even got chased down (unknowingly) by security after we scaled a wall to view it (we set the sensors off apparently).

TIE Silencer

Back in Stamford we regrouped for food and a drink before heading back to London. The food was a treat, in the pub they had build your own pizza. I went for chorizo, lamb kofta, halloumi, caramelised onion and spinach. I thought it was a strong choice.

Laters Peterborough, its been a pleasure.