Run with Angela P

Here’s a ‘how we met’ story that’s different from the rest.

One day I met Angie on a train. Through a chance disruption we started talking, and each day after that we’d continue as we came to realise our commutes were similar. Angie was the first friend I made in London whom I didn’t share any other connections with. She had a big influence on those early years and I’ve made some great friends through her too. I’m glad that after all this time we are still in touch. She’s pretty rad.

Shaking off her parental duties one morning she met me at Regent’s Park (it was the height of summer and I was getting some good time in this wicked park!) and off we went. Several poses and photo stops later (she’s an actress, she’s got this photo stuff nailed down) and I’m being taught the ‘two finger smile’. What do you reckon, new profile pic?

run with angela p4
“Two-finger smile”

As we finished up and headed for a coffee Angie suggested we try a little video of our run and roped in an Unsuspecting passer by to be the camera man. Only she didn’t quite pick right, realising the poor sod was probably not a mobile phone user, we ended up with these beauts….

Runners fail.