Run With Emily B

Emily is one of the many people I’ve probably pounced on and made to run. Fair play to her though, she didn’t say no. This would be my last run before the RTTS 100km ultra on the weekend. So we met for a little 5km run around Brockwell Park. Forced into it

Summer was coming and they were busy setting up for the Lambeth Country Show. This is one of my favourite festivals/events, such a mixed bag of entertainment from the local community and completely free! I was a little gutted to be missing out this year, but there was running to be done!

I’d normally say we spent a lot of time chatting as we ran around the park, but I’m pretty sure Emily spent most of the time singing her way around. She does have a pretty shit-hot voice, if you’re ever lucky enough to hear her sing you will be blown away! Whilst my training was for the running, she was preparing to sing at a friend’s wedding in a few weeks’ time.

Run with emily B
Thumbs up = satisfied and happy runners

As we were starting our second lap, there was a moment of recognition as I saw two of my close friends running towards us – Julian and Astrid – also out for a run. I used to live with Julian and familiar with his style, but it was immediately clear that Astrid had dragged him out as, whilst she was dressed in all the technical running gear, he looked like a middle-aged British man on holiday in Mexico about to be sun-burnt to a crisp. I must get those guys out for a run soon….