Run With Liam & Chloe

I like this story…when I first posted about ‘Run With Dai‘, I didn’t know what would happen. I probably didn’t even think it would amount to anything. I certainly didn’t think it would reconnect me with my past. That’s exactly what happened here. See, Liam and I spent a few years in uni together. Naturally, I guess like most people from uni, we started our careers and went in different paths and never really kept in touch (other than the occasional Facebook like). So one day, when I receive a message from Liam saying he’s recently started running, that he’ll be in London one week in the future and that we should run together, well, that smile crept across my face and the head nodding began.

run with liam

We met in kings cross after work one day along with Chloe, a friend of Liam’s who also studied in Swansea with us but whom I’d not met. We set off down the canal path towards Regent’s Park and it was amazing how fluent the conversation was, as if all those years without being in touch – a whole 10 of them!! – had never passed by. It was great to hear about Liam’s adventures and successes and I instantly warmed to the memories of his wicked sense of humour which filled me full of nostalgia from uni (admittedly I wouldn’t say I enjoyed those years, but Liam and a handful of others were critical to my experience and getting through it). It was also lovely to meet Chloe and hear about her running stories at the London marathon and races coming up.

We ran as far as London Zoo, seeing some animals strutting their stuff for the tourists before turning round and heading back. As we came back around to Liam’s hotel, we promised we’d not leave it so long next time – a promise of the best curry in the North is also a pretty good incentive!

Liam also writes a blog about his adventures, check it out – Travels From Overend