Run With Chollie

Offices. You sit next to people. You bitch and moan. Occasionally you bond. If you are like me, you try your best to avoid the ‘organised fun’. Mostly it’s work. After some time though you get to know one another. We all have our interests. Our passions. Our talents. Some, like running, can be obvious. Either you stand out in your kit before/during/after work, or you smell. People know I like running. Either because one or all of these reasons or because I don’t bloody shut up about it.


Chollie, he likes to write. Novels and music. You won’t notice that so easily about someone. But once you do find out, it’s like unravelling a ball of string. You find out so much about their creativity and passion. Also about the technicalities of their interests. You start off thinking running is just about moving, you later learn about the techniques, the muscle focus points, the gear and kit and nutrition etc. Likewise, I never thought about what goes into making music, producing, publishing, licensing etc. It’s been fascinating to gain an insight about this from him.

We talked about going for a run together for sometime (he likes to get out and run during his lunch break). We finally did, taking in a scenic 5 miles around the Serpentine one lunch time. I like Hyde park, there are so many different ways you can go when you are there.

So here he is. Go check him out on Deezer and Spotify and all the other music platforms out there. – ‘Choly’ aka CholyRocks (yeah that’s right, he isn’t sure if he is a ‘Chollie’ or a ‘Choly’!)