Run With Tom


This is Tom. I remember the first time we met. We were on opposite sides of the table on a Job interview. There was that awkward moment where, following the interviewer asking a question, there was a long and awkward silence. I thought he was a bit odd at that moment. Then Bam! He responded with an answer that blew me away and instantly secured the role. This sums up the Tom I came to know over the next few years. A well thought through and sensible chap with this ability to absorb, process and refine information. Not sure he used any of those characteristics or skills when he agreed to meet up for a run though!

It had been a while since those days and also since we last met and a lot has changed for us both. We are back working in the same area so a run around St James and Green Park made perfect sense (for me at least!) for a catch up. So off we went, winding back the time of the past few years since we worked together and sharing journeys and experiences encountered in that time. All the while dodging Tourists and avoiding stepping on the ducklings. Until next time…This is Tom.

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