Run With Niran & Shivali

Niran introduced me to Shivali. Shivali was getting roped into a run. But Niran was being dragged back out too. I love it. As we did the first time I ran with Niran, we headed to Regents Park. My lack of planning though made this one a little trickier. It was winter. The park was closed. Doh. It would be a less interesting run along the road this time.

Coming straight from work, Niran stood out. She wasn’t dressed ready to run. She was straight up with her Prada back pack and Barber jacket. She brought the Essex this time.

I had my head torch so we had plenty of light. The little running group we had though wasn’t ideal for the narrow pavements and abundance of other runners and walkers we encountered. That made it difficult at times to chat together led to some interchanging to keep everyone included. I got a good feel this night of how difficult it can be to lead a group of runners, particularly in a built up area like London!

Another 5km done and it was time to head back. I started having thoughts about getting all the ‘Run with Dais’ together one day for a bigger group run. Maybe. Watch this space….