Run With Nick C

Another Nick C!

I’m starting to spot some themes, there have been runs with multiple Nicks, Emilys, Angelas, Stephs, James…

And you might start spotting some trends that I run with a lot of people I currently or once worked with, Nick is another of those workmates from the past! It would be lovely to say nice things, but there are some dodgy memories and a stand out one being that time I was getting eyed up by a ‘Harley Quinn’ one Halloween. To my horror, it was this guy. Yep, you can share that terrifying thought also.

run with nick 2

Anyway, running with Nick… Nick has a strong past in running and sport in general. He’s admittedly not run much for a while and had recently been motivated to lace up the trainers and hit the tarmac. He hasn’t done any trail running though and dropped me a message. The rest as they say is history. Or the future at the time?

Living relatively close by we arranged to meet and head off to my favourite local trail (you’ve seen some of these views before!). Aiming for a 10 mile jaunt, we met at East Croydon and headed off to the muddy delights of Lloyd park and Addiscombe Hills. Winding through the paths, stopping to take in the breathtaking views of London and enjoy the mud and rain!

It is fair to say once again there was a lot of talk about running in general, sport and life on the other-side (in the work sense!). As I write this now, I need to leave it there as it is time to go out and sample the culinary delights (with Nick!) of another colleague and face who has appeared on this page. Life is good!