Run With Niran

Another one from my old team at a client site. Niran is an explosive packet of enthusiasm and energy.  I’ll never forget her plank challenges or cheerleader flutter kicks (??!) in the office. She jumped straight in for a run and I don’t think she quite knew what to expect! I could sense some nerves and I hope she felt at ease!

We met at Regents Park one evening after work and set off through the paths. I love this park for running. So many different ways to go and things to see. Chatting away I kept switching direction, probably causing some confusion as we ended up ‘off-the beaten track’ running through the trees. It was fun. I hope.

I’m pretty sure she didn’t stop talking the whole way. She had soo much energy I don’t think she even realised we’d run 5k and she hadn’t even noticed. As we finished up she was feeling like she wanted to go again. She couldn’t get enough. Go get ‘em.

run with niran
Statue time in the park!