Run With Yvette

I met Yvette a few months ago after I started training at some of the Never Stop London events. We got off to a great start when I claimed we had a mutual friend but couldn’t remember their name. Thankfully she later clicked that I wasn’t some complete weirdo.

We also managed to colour co-ordinate our kit!

I started going on some of the longer trail runs with the group (See the Cool Cat runs!) so have, in a short period of time, spent a lot of time running with Yvette and have probably run more miles than actual days we’ve known each other. Something tells me that is a trend that will continue as we have more and more runs planned (including the Limassol Marathon in a few weeks time) and now seem to spend the whole weekend running together and with others!

Yvette has spent the week staying down near where I Live, so, despite the fact we already run so much, we just had to get out for some miles on our own for a change. We headed down to one of my standard but favourite routes – Norwood Country Park. It’s a great little place of trails so easily accessible and the sort of park you forget about London when you are in it.

Tour Guide in the making

A fairly quick little loop involved a stop for some pointing into the distance (and pretending I knew all the landmarks) before Yvette found a trail I’d never seen before.

We headed back up Anerley hill and home. Sunday morning miles covered in the sun (before it decided to hide for the rest of the day)