Run With Dom

Run With DomHis name is Dom. He was the intern. He had a baptism of fire (in the work sense) but came through with an endless list of stories and memories to look back on. I’m hoping running might be one of them!

This run happened because of a ‘period tea’. You know those fruity berry teas that look a bit erm …odd as the tea diffuses into the water… that made the run happen.


Dom was always drinking them at work. I don’t like tea. The night before the Race to the Tower I was drinking/eating everything though. I made a period tea and sent him the picture. Chat soon turned to running when Dom mentioned he’d signed up to a half marathon. One week later we were out running.

We met in Tooting Bec and ran a loop of the park. Something we are both familiar with. Despite all the years living near by, I didn’t realise there were marked routes! Dom showed me. It was the Red route. 5Km absolutely flew by, either because of Dom’s swish new haircut or because we were so busy chatting about the future, running and of course the world cup!

Period Tea
Look, I’ve got a period tea