Run With Josh

Here’s a guy I’ve known for some time. Another one I can’t ever remember meeting, but we did, and we’ve shared some great stories over the years. December had come around, I was in good shape, my plans were coming together and December was all that stood between me and the beginning of something big. I had a lot of runs planned for this month, but no real objective other than to put a strong base in ready to build from in January. With the rain and cold setting in, I reached out to Josh late on Saturday night with the simple ask – “want to run on Sunday morning?” the reply was exactly what I wanted – “yes”.

Sunday was cold, wet and miserable. This didn’t stop Josh sticking to his word though and we met up in Tooting for a few laps around the common. Once again I extended this by running to meet him and would run home again.

run with josh
Wet and cold but smiling all the way

Josh has always been fanatical about sport, and in particular American Egg Chasing. What they call football across the pond. As a teacher, he’s very keen to integrate learning and stimulation in his work. He’d spent some time previously bringing American Football to his school in South London and we spoke a lot about this on the back of an article  he wrote for the Times Educational Supplement – check it out here along with his other articles – other articles

It’s so inspiring to learn and find out more about your close friends and what they are doing and achieving. I tend not to have these conversations with people closest to me, I guess with all our other interests it is so easy to avoid talking about the things you spend most of your life doing – working!