Run With Lydia & Lou

Early back in 2018 I met these two. They were in the middle of an adventure and a 100 day running streak. We had a lil’ run which led to me taking up some of the run streak and opening my mind to different challenges.

Reunited again!

Fast forward a year and a bit and we’re running together again (not for the first time since though – there have been quite a few hill runs in that time!). In the last year, Lydia has suffered a serious ligament injury, undergone surgery and recovery and has completed a half marathon and pb’d at the 10km distance. A lot has changed!

What’s next? The girls have their sights on a few adventures and pushing their own boundaries further. We met up early on a Thursday morning for a run to work. One of the things these two do (and, besides the injury, they they are a two-some and do everything together!) is run to work from a different location each week. Such a great idea and excellent way to explore new parts of the city! So this week they came south and we commuted into work together.

We spent the time chatting all things preparation related. With new goals in their sights we talked about training, nutrition, gear and kit and the various things to think about when signing up to an event. In no time at all we’d covered the best part of 10 miles and it was time to head to work.

There will be plenty more run with these two in the months to come! I can’t wait!