Run With Jordan

I met Jordan earlier on in the summer. It was at one of the London Burger Runs and I was pacing the 8-8:30 min/mile group. That day there were 4 of us in the group and we were all up for a little more of a speedy session. So we pretty much legged it all the way to the burger joint in Richmond. It was a great run.

Just after finishing the Berlin Marathon when Chris was also close by!

A few months later we’d run ‘together’ again but only not realise it. We were both out in Berlin doing the marathon. We didn’t see each other at the start, but as I finished Jordan was there waiting. Turns out we finished just 1 minute apart and must have been within close proximity of each throughout the run (we both achieved PBs)!

We’d been planning a chatty run for quite sometime and with her recently moving to London we’d be pretty close by. The plan was an ‘easy’ 10km around the common. My old stomping ground from a few years back and her new ‘local’. If you don’t know Jordan from Instagram then go check her out. She’s amassed a cult following through her running exploits and has just changed her life to follow her dream and pursue her running goals. She’s quite an inspiration and incredibly dedicated to her running. Which makes sense when she messages before the run checking that “easy” would be about 7-7:30min miles. Gulp. I was thinking more like 12 min miles!

We sped around. With my dodgy ankle and fake cough mostly in check. Running is a great way to connect and speak to people and it was great to chat away the miles with Jordan and get an insight into the recent chaos of her life. Managing her goals and personal aspirations whilst moving home (City even!), quitting your job and and starting a new business is no doubt very stressful. Either way, she’s smashing it and is going to go on to achieve some incredible things!!

Bus stop selfie