Run With Monica & Rob

Love a double whammy! I’m amazed at how long I’ve actually known these guys now. Feels like such a short time but is actually years!

We first met pretending we could play capoeira. Years later and every time we met it was either avoiding being kicked and tripped and, in my case, avoiding dancing and drunken limbo.

There’s been a huge amount of laughter and memories in that time and I’m glad to say that when I swapped capoeira for running, Monica wouldn’t let me slip off and drift away from my friends. It takes a great amount of effort to ensure that happens and Monica made sure that I didn’t flake. I’m so thankful for that.

Soon her and Rob are heading off on an incredible adventure in South America and there’s no better way for me to send them off than a run. Luckily this was the second time in as many weeks we met with a running theme after going to listen Luke Tyburksi’s book launch.

A quick lap in Tooting in the dark was the setting, Rob wizzed around despite an injured neck and we were complete. Happy adventures to you!!