Run With Laura

I was introduced to Laura by Daryl. Daryl and Laura work together and Laura was signed-up to run the Lisbon half Marathon in October. Seeing as I was also going to be there we decided to meet and go for a run before meeting up in Lisbon. It’s a tough life being a runner!

We met at St Pauls one evening and did a little loop down to the river and along the embankment to Westminster and back.

run with laura
synchronised on kit choice too!

As soon as we started off, something was very apparent. Laura literally had a spring in her step and amazing technique. I found myself looking down at her feet whilst trying to navigate the masses of commuters and tourists. She’s very much a forefoot runner. It was fascinating to watch her bouncing effortlessly along beside me. It also made me very conscious of the sound of my heel striking the pavement!

We spent most of the time getting to know each other, as you do when you met someone for the first time, understanding our different accents (she’s had quite a varied background – from Scotland to Oman!) and what motivates as (and doesn’t) about running. It was also an opportunity to share some dirt on our mutual friend, sadly, nothing about him is secret so there were no surprises there.

We finished up and hugged it out, we’d see each other again very soon and were already thinking of the amount of Pasteis de Nata (custard tarts!) we’d soon be scoffing.

run with laura 2