Run With Alex

“Alright maaaaate”

As the years come and go, you meet people, some come and go with as easily as the time, but some stick around. Alex is one of those who stick. This guy is a true Gent.

A few months of working together, tolerating each other’s (his mainly) poor humour and many shared frustrations have led to the common interest of running. And now we run together. We’ve both signed up to the Brighton marathon in April and the training is well underway. So what better way than for us to share those much needed miles.

This was the first run and Alex rocks up at St James park having already run to meet me. He was as red as a beetroot. I genuinely thought he might pass out at some point and I wasn’t keen on the prospect of a little mouth to mouth nor having to tell his fiance if the first run ends badly. He sucked it up though and we boshed around the park and over and into Green Park for a speedy little 5km before stopping to meet a friend of his at a corner in the park. This was some pre-arranged package exchange with assurances it was “just a laptop”. It felt dodgy, but knowing he’s a wannabe postman I just assumed he was practicing his delivery. Either way she received the laptop and an apologetic hello from him and a sweaty hug from me. Hello, nice to meet you, squish!

run with alex
I filtered this picture because I’m pretty sure technology cannot handle the redness he was radiating.

We knew we’d see each other soon and I agreed to go with Alex to a few social runs/classes which a few of his friends were involved in. I could do with the variations to my training.