OMM Kamleika Race Smock II

When you are running a lot and running long distances, you are at the mercy of the weather. Living in the UK its fair to say this is often less than predicrable and rain is likely! And there comes the for a waterproof jacket that is up to the task. Like with most things I’ve reviewed, I’ve bought with future use in mind. What starts off with running around local parks and roads, soon becomes excursions which soon becomes something more again. For me, the OMM Kamleika was one of many options I considered with the CCC and mountain running in mind.

Why did I choose this one? I liked that it came in black! I liked how it looks. I was also attracted to the brand. I’d never owned any OMM equipment and, as silly as it sounds, I was captured by the “Original Mountain Marathon” concept.

Reflective, double-ender (ooh-arrgh) zip, longer back, thumb loops and a hood!

I went for the smock variation for one main reason, we’ve all been there – out in the cold with achy fingers, trying to connect up a zip with those numb digits. I haven’t got time to be worrying about that. If I’m running and I’m cold/wet and need to pop an extra layer on then it needs to happen quickly. Fair to say, in all my runs with the Kamleika to date, having the smock version has been a great addition for this reason.

In terms of being waterproof, it certainly is. The techy spec says it has a rating of 15m Hydrostatic Head (which I believe to mean the fabric could hold a 15m high coloumn of water before it would start to leak?). Whether I need that or not I do nto know. But i do know that everytime I’ve been out in the rain, I’ve been kept dry in the jacket. That’s one half of the expectations I have met fully.

What else do I expect from a waterproof jacket? Well, I don’t want to overheat and want to take the jacket off of course! So what are OMM saying? They say its rated 12,000 breathability G/m2. That is something I have absolutely no idea what it means. On the whole though, even after wearing it for hours on end, I’ve been comfortable in the jacket. the Two way zip enables some additional venting which helps regulate the heat also. A good addition!

In terms of fit, the top is quite athletic and figure hugging. I like this. The arms and body are nice and long and the the material is stretchy. The make up of the jacket also results in a ‘noise free’ product. Sounds weird for a jacket, but let me explain. You know how plastic rustles and makes a sound as it rubs against itself? Yeah, well you don’t get any of that with the Kamleika. You pretty much get a silent run which is great if, like me, you can’t stand those annoying repetitive sounds when running (you know, zips tapping, water in a bag sloshing, general movement etc.).

Things I like:

  • Its very thin and light. Great for carrying in a pack just in case
  • The two way zip – good for additional venting ensuring you don’t overheat
  • Hood – a useful addition which can be rolled up when not in use
  • Thumb loops – ensure the jacket doesn’t ride up in the rain!
  • Chest pocket – There’s a useful chest pocket which keeps key items easily accessible and dry!

Things I don’t like

  • The hood isn’t a particularly great fit. I’ve struggled to get it nice and snug.
  • The draw cords for the hood are a little complex to figure out, feels like this should be so much more simple than it is.
  • The technical spec is confusing. Trying to figure out if it is acceptable for the CCC race is proving somewhat difficult.


If you are looking for a well-fitted, noise-free, breathable waterproof jacket, then this will suit your needs. Admittedly I probably carry it around more than I actually use it!