Run With Reka

I can’t remember where me and Reka met for the first time, but we’d been running around with the same group of runners through various running communities in London. Somewhere along the line we then ended up running a number of events together including two loops for an ultra in Brecon one cold December day, and a trip to Italy for the Lavaredo ultra. I’ll never forget being at the final aid station, maybe 10km from the end, it beginning to get very cold and dark. I was with Paul and sat down for a few mins when Reka came bounding into the aid station with a huge beaming smile on her face, waved, cheered us on and left without stopping. She’s one hell of a strong runner! She’s also one of the kindest people I’ve met through running and once met me in the middle of the night and ran with me for 30miles when I did the Thames Bridges Ultra. If you ever run with Reka, you’ll end the run with some memento or medal she’s thoughtfully collected along the way too!

Finally after all these years of living near each other, we met for a far shorter and more relaxed run. I love these sort of runs – you really get to know each other better and find out things about each other that you never new before!