Evossi Elevate

The Evossi Elevate is a technical running T-shirt designed for those living an active lifestyle. It’s made with ‘premium’ wicking fabric and combines excellent performance with style and functionality. The top came with an impressive description and set of reviews from other runners so I was eager to test it to the limits…

The Elevate is what I’d describe as athletic and form fitting. Personally, I often struggle to find tops that fit well and fluctuate between small and medium sized tops. As a result I’m often never comfortable in either size, they either are too short and ride up, or huge around my arms. I went for the small in the elevate and it fits well. It is long and covers the waist sufficiently whilst being tight in all the right places (think under arms etc.). As soon as I took it out of the packaging I could feel the quality and I was impressed with the product.

It’s also a smooth looking piece of kit available in a stylish platinum-ish grey colour. It looks like a high-quality piece of kit and performs as such too. What I like about Evossi is how they blend this style with functionality. This top comes with four (!) built in pockets for stashing your gear. Besides the obvious front zipped pocket, there is also a zipped pocket to the rear and to stretch fabric pockets on the sides. Perfect for carrying your essentials (phone/keys/money/cards/nutrition) on your runs


The technical stuff – It’s a strong top. I’ve already mentioned it but, as soon as you pick it up you can feel it’s made from some top materials. It is warm to wear as it is quite a thick top (in the T-shirt sense) and ideal in windy/cooler weather. Put it this way, its not going to fall apart in the wash. Not ever. It seems to be fast wicking and coupled with the snug fit is very breathable and comfortable to run in.

What I like

  • The minor details and nice touches. Besides the multitude of functional pockets
    Trim details

    (side, back and front!) the top is littered with nice little touches. The reflective logo and trim is ever present and there are also the subtle inclusions of “Evossi Explore” on the neckline and “#Makeithappen” on the inside hem. That put a smile on my face when I discovered it (which was weeks after first un-wrapping it!).

  • Its durable. It’s a strong piece of kit and feels like it’s been built to last, which as a runner is important! We don’t want to spend money on cheap products that fall apart. We want to feel comfortable in ‘our favourite’ kit and wear it over and over, time after time. The Elevate is certainly built to last!

What I didn’t like

  • Tough one this as there isn’t much for me to say here except something probably a little unfair on the product…It’s a great top for running, but less so if you are running more ‘extreme’ distances. I’ve worn it on a circa 50km trail run and, at that sort of distance, in a 25+ degrees heat, it did become quite heavy from all the sweat. So maybe not the top to choose for those Ultras! Shorter distances though it’s been absolutely ideal.


The Elevate is the business! Simplistic design with considerate materials and incorporated functional components. It’s a nicely well-fitting product that is high on technical quality and build. Well played Evossi.