Run With Will

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I first met at the Race to the Stones in 2017. We kept in touch and eventually found some time to get out and go for a run. Given we are both occupied with training for our various challenges we had a clear idea of what we wanted to do. We wanted trails, hills and ideally a good bit of mileage. All of which would help Will with his training for the Marathon Des Sables in April. After a last minute change of route to accommodate my needs (thanks Will!) we met at East Croydon early on Sunday to head to Lloyd Park and the Addiscombe hills.

It was a beautiful, crisp morning and we set off on the short 1 mile run along the roads before we hit entered Lloyd Park, grinning at the feel of the trails underfoot. Immediately we’d picked up where we left off all those months earlier, remembering things we’d said or could recall about each other. Quite amazed at how quickly time has gone since.

As we looped around the park and hills, getting lost as always in nature’s playground (Every time I visit I’m amazed that this runner’s paradise exists in Croydon!) we talked non-stop about all things running. Talking training, plans and ideas, products and brands we’ve used (and all manner of recommendations we both have) to food and nutrition (and my recent love for baby food products!) and physio and massage.

As we looped back to the station, completing a comfortable 15 mile run, we agreed it won’t be that long until we run again.

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