Run With The Wedding Party

Further to running with the stags, we were re-united at the wedding venue in Norwich. A lot had happened in those few weeks and I was now a self-proclaimed ultra-runner after completing the RTTS. I was hooked. The morning of the wedding a few of the group, including the Groom – Nick – had agreed to wake up early and go for a run.

We were staying in accommodation on a golf course, there was a clear perimeter path we could run on. Morning came and with it the rain. It was pissing it down. Still, it didn’t deter the group and we headed out.

Run with wedding
It was wet!

The run itself was pretty uneventful. Not exactly scenic nor interesting. The rain didn’t help and neither did the gloomy clouds. We were upbeat though. After one lap we decided to go round again. We lost two at this point as they went to the gym to workout where there hair wouldn’t get messy. I joke. ‘Frenchie’ doesn’t have any hair.

run with wedding 2

Run done, it was time to celebrate. A great day awaited us and we were now fresh and ready to party.