Run With Daryl

Daryl is my oldest friend. You know the friends you have who you can’t remember ever actually meeting for the first time? Yep, he’s one of those. A huge influence on my life and always there to support me no matter what. He’s also ‘that friend’ who has been referred to in so many of my race reviews and the reason why I signed up to some in the first place. Finally, mystery revealed.

run with daryl
Bearded Dragons!

Over the last year Daryl had immersed himself in the world of triathlons and Ironmen events (huge respect for that) after stints as a comedian, Roller-skater and Vespa lover (he’s a guy of many talents!). It was long over-due that we’d run together (alas it was not the first). The plan, run 10 miles, eat lots of food and plan our adventures for 2018. Despite the weather’s attempts to blow a gale, we ticked all these off the list, 2018 planning had begun.

The run itself was along the riverside from Brentford, past Chiswick and Hammersmith, back along the river path passing Barnes.