Montane Hoddies

This is a two for one review. I was fortunate to win some Montane kit early in 2018. I decided to go for the Montane hoddies:

  • Allez Micro Hoddie
  • Spider Hoodie

Why, well, I had one eye on the mountain running I’d be doing and having full length insulation layers running in varying climates and through the night would require something up to the task!

I’ve put both of these items to the test running around the Alps and I’ve been very impressed!


Both the Allez Micro and Spider are very athletic fit and form hugging. When I ordered them, I started to worry I’d need to send it back and change size. When they arrived though… wow. Absolutely perfect fit. Im 5’9 and 70 kilos with a 31″ waist and 38″ chest. I’ve skinny limbs and usually struggle to find something comfortable. But the Medium size feels like it was designed for runners just like me!


Montane Spide detail
Subtle zip pocket on the Spider

Both hoddies are very simplistic in their design. They are full length with thumb loops (always practical!) and hoods that fully cover the head as well as an ample ‘chin space’ (covers my beard nicely!).

the spider also incorporates a discreet zipped front pocket. It claims to be “positioned completely clear of backpack chest harness or straps”, and this is certainly true when using it in combination with one of the Montane Via series packs (I’ve used it with both the Razor 15 and Jaws 10). Ample of place to hold a phone and more (although I wouldn’t run with anything as heavy as a phone in the pocket!).


I opted for the grey and yellow combination for the Spider (love it!) and navy and orange for the Allez Mciro. I’d feel comfortable wearing these casually also!


The Allez Micro is designed for trail running. It is incredibly light and breathable and quickly wicks moisture away from the body. It was barely noticeable when running other than the knowledge and comfort it provided in ensuring I was kept warm and protected against the elements. The Allez Micro uses a lightweight “POLARTEC Power Grid Fabric”. I’ve no idea what that translates too (other than claiming to have an exceptional warmth to weight ratio), but as a standalone item I found it warm and functional, layered with other items I was very comfortable running in it!

Montane Allez Detail
“POLARTEC Power grid Fabric”

The Spider is a heavier garment designed more for Alpine activities but I use it for running in colder environments. It’s made up of PONTETORTO Tecnostretch fabric with a CORDURA® face for enhanced stretch and durability. Again, I’ve no idea what that means but it feels incredibly well made and is “stretchy”! This has kept me warm running at night and hasn’t resulted in overheating. Perfect.

The hoods on both items are very functional, fit well and are easy to wear under helmets (yep, I’ve used them cycling also!) without feeling bulky.

Keeping warm but free in the Allez Micro!

What I like

  • these items (the Allez Micro in particular) are very lightweight. They take up minimal space, which is always good when trail running.
  • the feel of the materials – confusing terminology aside, you can feel that these are high-quality items!
  • the form-hugging fit and hood – the articulated arms and hood contribute to the awesome athletic fit of the hoddies.

What I didn’t like

  • They are pricey. You get what you pay for, but I probably wouldn’t have bought these if I hadn’t been lucky enough to win them in a competition! The Spider will set you back £100, you need to know what you want and that you will get good use out of it for that price!


These are now two of my most cherished items (partly due to the expensive price tag!). Where a mandatory kit list requires layers and insulation, I know I’m covered!