Run With Jana

RunningHere’s a runner I met just a few months ago. In such a short time though we’ve shared a load of miles and plenty of smiles and laughter. This was the first time we’d run together just the two of us though.

So here’s the short story, we met at the Never Stop London training sessions where Jana was one of the team leading the trail runs. After a few drinks at Christmas we started chatting after she asked me if my beard had a name (yep, she’s one of those good weirdo types!). Jana invited me a long to some trail runs she organised as the ‘mamma cat’ from Cool Cats (yep, all those other runs I’ve been blogging about). So you might know the rest….

Jana is off on another adventure, she’s heading off to Chamonix to begin a new life as a mountain goat. An exciting adventure for anyone, but a trail runner’s dream. With such little time remaining before she leaves London we arranged a quick run after work.

Starting in Victoria we headed up to and around Hyde park. the loop ended after about 10km. Perfect. We are both feeling a few runner’s pains so a short easy run suited us both. As you can see from the pictures, shes’s a bit of a knob, flipping between serious and ridiculous. plenty of pictures were taken as we laughed our way around, enjoying the run, the company and the opportunity to relax. Unlike numerous other runners we say in Hyde park who were so immersed in themselves they just act like bellends (think running into people, stamping their way through a gaggle of baby geese etc.). Some people are douchebags.

This isn’t goodbye to Jana, we’ll share the trails again soon. and if not soon enough, I’ll see her at the CCC in Chamonix later in the year where she is also competing.

Dai & Jana
Running with great company makes you smile

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