Run With Steph T

Steph was a first for me and the Run With Dai – she was the first complete stranger I met and arranged to run with. Put in touch by mutual friends, we were told we’d both enjoy running with each other. We arranged to meet at Croydon and go for a run around Addiscombe hills. This was an area I’d recently discovered and I was eager to share it with someone else. I had no idea how long a loop might be/take us though and Steph was open to the challenge.

run with steph T

It was the height of the summer and a glorious evening. We ran into and around Lloyd Park and through the Golf Course coming out onto a road a recognised. What was unfamiliar though was the massive fucking Windmill. How I missed this on my last visit I do not know.

run with steph t 2
A fucking windmill? In Croydon?

We continued up into the hills and towards the lookout point which has incredible, unrestricted views of London from the South. It really is a hidden gem. Although sadly the lookout point is littered with rubbish and alcohol and drug remnants. Not somewhere I’d like to stay after dark.

run with steph T 3
Enjoying the view. Well, one of us was at least.

A gentleman came and joined us admiring the view. Chatting to him and looking at his bloodshot eyes I think he might enjoy more than just the view from here. He immediately assumed that Steph and I were married, so we couldn’t help but drag out the story, telling him this is where I proposed to her back in the day and we were celebrating the 1 year anniversary by running here. Was that mean of us? We didn’t stick around too long and got back on the trail and headed back to Croydon

In the end it was quite a chunky run and we covered somewhere between 6-8 miles. Great going Steph!