Run With Dai

What is this #Runwithdai all about?

These are the runs, the memories that triggered my thoughts.

Early in 2017 I committed to my first ultra marathon, the 100km non-stop Race to the Stones. As the weeks progressed and the intensity and frequency of my training started to increase, I found myself struggling to run at a slower, more sustainable pace (runners problems huh!). I found my body/mind just approached each run the same as the one before and I was finding difficulty with adjusting to the change in approach. I also found that the more I ran, the longer I ran, then the more I struggled finding the time to spend doing the other things I normally did. On occasions I ran with a few friends and it got me thinking about the those times I had previously ran with others. I recall thinking how much easier it was, how my mind was less focused on the actual running and how I was enjoying the companionship of another runner. At the same time, as I no doubt began to bore those around me with my tales and endless chat about running, I started to notice themes in comments people would make to me about my running. “I couldn’t do that”, “I’m afraid to run with people watching”, “I can’t run fast”, “where do you even run”, “I don’t want people to see me running” and so on. It made me realise there is a stigma associated to running, a fear of the unknown, the insecurities of not living up to other people’s expectations etc. (something that is probably not helped by the abundance of ‘influencers’ and Social Media posts of perfectly posed and captured pictures. I digress…)
All of these thoughts were bumbling around in my head and I thought, why not combine them. I like running, I’ll be running as part of my training, why don’t I run with others more? So I did. Digging out the rarely used Instagram login details and a few choice pictures from Facebook later my message was out there. I will run with you! Whoever you are, wherever you are (OK, within logistical reasons!) and whatever your abilities/desires, I will run with you!

At this stage I was naive and ignorant to the many groups, clubs, crews, communities and initiatives that are already out there, established and motivating people, but so what, this might be different and I want to run!

I was pleasantly surprised at the messages and interest I received and within two days my first #runwithdai happened…have a scroll through the pictures and intros of the of the runs I’ve shared with others and hear our stories!

So, if you want to run then let’s do this! Get in touch with me, reach out. All I ask for in exchange is that we run at a pace you are comfortable with, are able to chat whilst you run, that you enjoy yourself and take a cheesy photo with me for this site!