Run With Lou & Elisa

Elisa and Lou

Lou is saved in my phone as ‘Lou the Persistent Bailer’. This is not the first time we’d planned to run together. Other than some Burger runs and a few hill sessions though, it was the first time we had run together. I’ll let her explain why!

Lou, Elisa and I ran the Three Forts Challenge together on the May bank Holiday weekend. 27 miles of hill South Down trails. It was a long run indeed and one made all the better for the fantastic company. Despite our jokes and name calling, the reality is quite different.

I’m so happy that I’ve ended up in a place where I’m surrounded by like-minded, easy going people who want to run. Not only to want to run, but to run far and challenge themselves. Ones that you might not see that often yet you can spend an entire day together chatting and laughing away. It makes life easier. It makes running easier. It makes everything so much more enjoyable. Lou & Elisa are the perfect running buddies. Strong, determined and absolutely hilarious. Who knew Orange slices, foot rubs and blowjobs all belong in one conversation!?

For more insight into the day , but less insight into our conversations, I’ve written a short review of the Three Fort Challenge.

Finish line feels