Run with Gabe

So I was introduced to Gabe via the MyCrew campaign to help drive usage of the MyCrew app. We shared various emails and messages and agreed we should be living what we are promoting and meeting up for a run!

Posing it out

Gabe was incredibly flexible and we arranged a run around my work schedule and met up in Westminster for a quick (I mean quick!) 10km loop of the Serpentine. Gabe rocked up with the instantly recognisable MyCrew logo on his cap and we were finally able to put a face to the name and head off for our run.

Heading off at a 4:30 min/km pace I was almost instantly out of breathe! I’m not use to running with such intensity these days never mind talking whilst doing so! We whizzed away the kms finding out more about each other’s interest and passion for running and how we ended up in London. He’s had quite an adventure to get here and it was curious to find out how many similarities and common interests we have. He certainly is a passionate and dedicated guy!