Run With Matt & ‘Fudgie’

I’ve always liked what Wales has to offer. I’ve never taken advantage of it though. Growing up on the coast meant I spent most of the time anywhere but the coast! Over the last few years, as running has become a more prominent part of my life, I made sure each Christmas to go out for a run. This year I changed it slightly. I was fed up of running the same route each year. So I planned ahead.

I wanted to run the coast. To finally take some of it in on my terms. I’d planned a 30miles jaunt from Rhossili to the town centre along the coastal path. I just needed to get my dad to drive me all the way to the start! Why was I doing this? Because I could and I wanted too. I put the word out to those I knew in the area and Matt was up for it and would bring Fudgie with him.

The week leading up to Christmas brought me a little surprise though. An injury. Mmmh. This time it was bad enough that I’ve acted on it and been to see a physio. I’m not sure what it is and won’t go into the detail here. It did make me reassess the run though. 30miles was unnecessary. To my fathers delight I shortened it to 18.

Three Cliffs

We picked up the guys along the way and my dad dropped ya just passed Oxwich bay. From here we could join the coastal path and weave along the beaches and cliffs all the way back to mumbles. From there it would be a few flat miles along the seafront.

That’s exactly how the run went. We ran up and down the coastal path, through mud and fields, up the sand dunes and across the streams. It was a real calf buster and made me think that the iconic ‘Gower50’ that takes place here is no easy run!

We finished up at Singleton Park I the Pub on the Pond for some food. It hadn’t changed much in the 15 or years since I lasted went there!

That was it for my Christmas running. So much I wanted to do. So much I think I was capable of doing, but for once, being sensible (sort of).