Run With George

George was one of the first faces I met in London, during a trip to a museum with Daryl we bumped into George who, I wouldn’t know at the time, would become a close friend over the years (and a sister to another!). London really isn’t as big as it seems.

A few years back George ran a half-marathon raising money for charity and recently decided to do it all again. Despite what she says I think she secretly loved it. Why else would we keep doing this to ourselves right? She was about to start training again so we agreed to get some runs in together in the lead up to the big day.

Admittedly we (I) cocked up on the where and when! Running at 5pm on a week night along the Southbank is not a good idea. Never was and never will. Instantly George was reacquainted to my grumpy anti-social side as I squeezed through the masses and tried to find us some space to move. Moving across the river to Embankment was marginally better and provided some space for the elbows.

run with george
I have mad photography skills

A big focus of our chat was that George had recently made some big life changes and set up her own company planning events. I’m in awe of people I meet with this ‘go get ‘em’ attitude. I’ve always felt too risk adverse to go out there on my own and take the risks and do the hard work required. It was great to finally hear more about her ventures and successes she was having. She really is the most organised, attentive and resourceful person I know and, as I’d learn on a trip away a few weeks earlier she’d arranged, this is explicit in how she brings the swag and creates a personal atmosphere in her work. Shameless plug, but, if you need an event sorting, George is your woman! Check out her site – Planache