Run With Emily C

I’ve known Emily for a while now through work and the various projects we’ve done together. She’s such an enthusiastic person with so much energy, it’s surreal. So when she tells you that she wants to run you know it’s going to be great! I’d be lying if I didn’t get excited when I heard this.

run with emily C

Meeting up on a blistering cold January morning, I find Emily at Regent’s Park without gloves. Rookie mistake! We snapped the mandatory “crappy head shot” photo and off we go. Its running time! With no route planned we just chatted away, forgetting sometimes which way to turn or to tell each other of the change in direction. It had been a while since we last saw each other and we caught up and gossiped away as the KMs ticked down. It was so good to hear about her incredible plans and ambitions for the future which I’m sure she’ll smash out of the park and achieve with no problems.

run with emily c 2

Several stops later, rests to stare at some fat-assed squirrels (me not her!), and we finish up at the little cafe for a warm brew. Following some drinking mishaps and laughter, she assures me she’ll be running some more…