Run With Ged

Dai & Ged 1

This ‘run with’ wasn’t planned. It just kind of happened. I didn’t know Ged. He was someone I’d been following on Instagram. Ged won a last minute place at Race to the Tower. We’d exchanged a few messages over Instagram the week before the race and were in the same starting wave. We guessed we’d cross paths at some point on the day but nothing more. What we didn’t assume is what would happened next….

Not long after starting the race we were ushered through the first of 160 gates. Naturally this was quite crowded and soon became a bottleneck. As the runners started thinning out after the gate I found myself running behind Ged (or at this point whom I thought was Ged). I said hello. He recognised me too. Thankfully it was him and not some weirdly awkward situation we found ourselves in (where I would have literally just run away!!).

We started talking and before you know it we’d run 33 miles together. That’s some going for a first time meet and first run! The miles absolutely flew by as the company was great and we were having such a good time.

It would be unnecessary to write about what we covered and talked about in that time. My race review covers more of the course and event itself . You can just imagine we chatted and laughed our way through an endless amount of conversations and topics. I met his family (multiple times) and by the end of the day had them cheering me on too. What a way to meet someone. I’m sure we’ll run together again soon!!

Thanks Ged!