Run Talk Run

Run Talk Run

I’d been a long time follower of Run Talk Run. Instagram brought the group, and Jessica (the founder) to my attention. I love the simplicity of their message and intention. It’s not a running group. More like a support group. Like minded people being there for one another. Running is just the vessel they’ve chosen to deliver their message and actions.

They usually run in London on Thursday evenings (now also Tuesdays) which hasn’t been convenient for me. So when they announced a weekend run I was straight in there.

Sunday morning would be a visit to Epping Forest. A place I only recently experienced and am glad to go back to. Even if it does mean two trains to get to the start of the tube, sitting on it from end to end and then another train the other side! The scenery in the forest is spectacular. So many shades of green line the paths, its hard not to have jaw drop whilst running amongst the freshness and colours.

I arrived super early which gave me a chance for a little wander and to see a section of Epping Forest. Upon returning to the station Jess, who organises RTR arrived. Whilst chatting about the running community and how small it is two connections became apparent. Firstly Derrick who I know from the Burger Runs (and whom I saw yesterday!) was coming and had planned the route for the run and secondly Cat (a RTR regular) who also came along was also at the NSL trail run in Hampstead Heath a few weeks back. I keep saying it, it is such a small community.  Its Awesome!

We set off running and chatting and were immediately welcomed by the wonderful wildlife of Epping. Firstly horses and then tiny (baby?) frogs which were littered all over the path. The route we took was largely familiar to me from the run I did here a few weeks back.

The run itself was very pleasant. It was such a great vibe as we ran and talked. No pressures. No expectations. No barriers. Just company and people to share motivations with. I liked it. The concept works so well in practice.

It was clear to me that everyone who’d come along was similar. Determined with a strong sense of self-awareness of what works for them and what doesn’t. Over a coffee/juice/hot chocolate we shared stories from running and aspirations, not necessarily about running.  World put to right we headed back to the station, energised from a morning of smiles.


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