Big End of Year Run

I’m at that stage now where all my social media feeds, all my advertisements and all the recommendations are running related. Over Christmas one flashed up that caught my attention – “The Big End of Year Run” set up by a dude going by the alias of ManVMiles. Yep, I want some of that.

Dai & Daryl

It was the 31st December and I’d dragged that mate Daryl out with me. The plan was to meet at Marble Arch, run a half marathon and see out 2017 the only way runners know how. Daryl was delayed on the trains and I was left to mingle with the masses. I fucking hate mingling. Not something I’m comfortable with. I am now getting used to the frequency of it. The running community (in London at least) is surprisingly incestuous and it wasn’t the first time I’ve recognised some faces and had to say “I think I know you from Instagram”. A theme that would continue throughout the run!

Before too long it was time to get underway. A brief intro from the organisers (including the background to the event – two of them did a run a few years back and over time its grown) and we were off. The route leading up and around Regents Park, up to Primrose Hill (for a quick group photo) before heading down into and around Hyde Park (where some more runners joined), through Westminster and along Southbank before crossing the river and ending in Embankment Gardens.

I mentioned how incestuous the running community, both Daryl and I knew people at the event as well as Mark, whom I’d spent 6 hours running with the day before (yet not once either of us hinted at the run we’d be doing the next day!). It turns out that we both know Mark and he was the reason I did The Nohtaram all those years earlier. Small world.

Running Friends

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