Seen On My Run

A collection of things that have captured my attention on my runs. As random and weird or as simple as they appear. They made me stop and think and want to capture a picture to cherish the moment. I already know that there will be lots of pictures of trees and signposts appearing here. I seem to like those! So, in no preference…



Read the punctuation wrong and it all sounds very concerning!



Just some skeleton, in the woods, at night. Holmbury Hill



This sacred land in Wendover Woods. Couldn’t see any ‘monument’ mind!



My own footprints on a snowy run in Box Hill.



In the darkness of night, this sign made me giggle. Poor weak little bridge.



This rather pointless sign. If we put signs everwhere there wasn’t a footpath….



What a Tree! A tree in Tring.



This old-school heavy-duty footpath sign in Three Bridges. How long has this been there?



This vibrant mushroom



This hand written sign, placed away from the path in a rather useless spot. A very specific kind of mud.



This wickedly placed sign in Balcombe welcoming walkers. There was no path though!!



Some weaved mushrooms in Kew at Wakehurst



I’m not quite sure what this is, but I didn’t like it. Found down near Crawley, not sure if its been fly tipped or part of the building works near by.



The ‘no shit Sherlock’ sign in Wendover Woods. It was indeed steep!



The Gruffalo. Part of an educational trail walk in Wendover Woods. Pretty special at night!


Along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, there is a ‘Range’ path which is part of the AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicles) Gunnery School. You are treated to awesome signs like these. And tanks.



Admittedly it was just two weeks after Halloween, but we came across this mangled looking skeleton creation on the NDW just outside of Merstham.



Rachel’s Tree (Leith Tower). Seen on my run and enjoyed on my run. A tree I’d seen in so many photos, and finally got to hang with myself.








In the depths of the Hurt Woods, there is a wooden cabin structure built overlooking a view point. On each of the wooden plaques is a message, these two sayings stood out for me.



Danger. Polish Bears! Run! Along the rolling hills of the Beskid mountain range.


img_0317-2Deforestation in Northumberland National Park. Trees separated from the burnt remains by a road.



Some 2,500m up in the Alps at La Jonction we found this Tupperware box with some delicious chocolate inside!



The best water you can find is in the Alps. It is so crisp and cold (obviously). This is the good stuff in Chamonix.



A rope swing at night at the Church of St Martha-on-the-hill just outside of Dorking.



A water stop along the Stour Valley Path. This was very much appreciated in the heatwave of 2018.



I wasn’t the only one needing to cool down that day – These cows having a bath along the Stour Valley Path. Look how happy they all are!



This sign outside of Sudbury “dead Slow”. I’m not sure what it means!



This tree on the Stour Valley Path. Magestic!



Rehab United (its not a football club to my disappointment). This was somewhere outside of New Market.



This burnt out car in Dorking, Box Hill. How? Why? I’m intrigued as to the story and how it ended up there.



This fence in the middle of the path at Box Hill. No instructions or explanation, you just can’t continue in the direction you were heading.



This flower arrangement fella in Regents Park. He looks like he is doing a good job caring for his fellow plants.


81b9d778-4b5a-4011-913b-4a57deb70375The Office Worker on John Carpenter street, Embankment. He was perfectly willing and ready to partake in the I Move Me London Relay with us. Perfect posture for handing over the baton.



The remnants of this wooden structure Courmayuer. I’m not sure what it once was!



This tall knobbly tree in Trient. I love a good tree and this is a very good tree!



This bull with a mad hair do in Refuge Bovine in the Alps. He is absolutely bossing it.



These wooden sculptures in the trail des Champignons. There were many, each had a story to tell. This was one very memorable run!



This pool of shit. Literally a pool of shit. Near Col De Ferret. I’ve no idea why I felt obliged to stop and take a photo but I did.



This stone stacking marvel in Courmayeur. Someone had some patience and skill to get this constructed. Respect



This warning of giant matches (?) in Couryameur. Is that a tree or an explosion?



This extreme looking fire warning sign along the Serpent trail. It is almost terrifying in its suggestion. Reminded me of the fire in the Animals of Farthing Wood.



This badger door along the Serpent Trail. Lucky badgers.



A slow worm along the aptly named Serpent Trail. How 20 of us runners managed to avoid trampling him I’ll never know!



Lovers Walk in Dulwich. It’s very quaint. I love the sign. So Dulwich!



This baby frog in Epping Forest. We saw 100s of them that day but this was the first to grab our attention.



This lonely tree in the Cotswolds. Beautiful. Almost like a post-apocalyptic scene.



These ruins in Dulwich Woods. I should read up the history and understand what it once was.



This ‘danger, fire arms’ sign in Three Bridges. Put the guns down!



This curious squirrel in St James Park. Although, let’s be honest, all squirrels in St James Park are curious and brave!



This mini Welsh flag in Brecon. Proud and prominent on the way up to Pen-y-Fan



These temples in Burma. There are over 2,000 of them which I got to run around during the ‘Bagan Temple Marathon’.