About Me

So this is me….

I’m a mid-thirties, bearded, office working, DIY-loving, self-proclaimed runner prone to the occasionally bout of over-thinking, anxiety and stubbornness.

I’ve always been an active person, thanks in part to my parents always supporting and encouraging me, but these were never anything more than just little fads. Running has changed that though, I’m not sure when and I’m not sure how, but in 2017 something clicked inside. Maybe it was the realisation that I’m never bored of talking about or hearing about running, but I’ve come to accept that this time it isn’t just a hobby, its something else entirely.

I can remember the school days –  P.E. classes, sports days, cross country, punishment runs down the playing fields. I never liked or enjoyed the short distances, but the longer runs I was more accepting of. I was never the best and never the worst, always hidden in the middle of the pack somewhere. The actual running never crossed my mind or entered my thoughts.

As I grew older I’d run occasionally, mostly to try and maintain some form of fitness but nothing more. Moving to London was probably one part of the catalyst for change. New town, new work, new friends, and no money. Running in the park from time to time was a cheap and effective form of exercise!

For some reason (which I can no longer recall), a friend and I decided to apply for the London Marathon one year. Neither of us were fortunate to get a place, and I wasn’t at all fussed about it. I did however keep on applying year after year. Then, in October 2012 I received that magazine. I’d obtained a place (from the old, guaranteed entry at the 5th attempt rule). I’ve posted separately about what happened next, but the eventual outcome was that I enjoyed it. I had fun and surprised myself with a good time in the process. In a completely flaky (almost mockery) attempt at commitment I started telling people I’d like to one day run a marathon on every continent. Assumming a healthy life expectancy, I’m sure I could manage another 6 runs in my life. Such a lame commitment if I think about it.

I didn’t run anymore more races for another 2 years until some fortunate holiday timing created another opportunity. Fast forward another 18 months and marathon number 3 was ticked off. Now here I am many months down the line with numerous runs, miles, smiles, new friends and memories in the bag and I have to admit, I think I’m addicted to running…..


me in a boat
There will be a lot of pictures of me running, so here is one of me sitting – in an abandoned amusement park in Armenia 🙂